Dolibarr – ERP & CRM for Small Company

৳ 9,500.00 / month with a 3-month free trial and a ৳ 25,000.00 sign-up fee

Services provided:

  •  Dolibarr ERP & CRM (all official modules - examples)
  • Access from everywhere, any browser, any OS
  •  Availability 24/7
  •  20 GB (around 400,000 common invoices, $1 per extra GB)
  •  5,000 API calls per month
  •  Email sending is unlimited if you use the SMTP of your email provider, otherwise 250 emails/day with default setup
  •  Support for migration
  •  Technical support (by priority ticket in English or Bangla)
  •  Functional support (ticket in English or Bangla)
  •  Upgrade of version included (on demand from the customer dashboard)
  •  Daily backup (30 rolling days)
  •  Cloud Hosting
  •  Immediate availability. You decide when you want to cancel (no commitment). Your data can be retrieved. No entry or exit fees
  •  Remote SSH, SFTP, resync and database access
  •  Updating or Adding extensions or source code is possible (you can deploy yourself or request us to deploy)

 An all-in-one suite

Enable only the features that you want: Whatever your needs are (Customer Relationship Management, Sales, Human Resources, Logistics, Stock, Invoicing, Accounting, Manufacturing, Marketing, Foundation Management, Surveys, …), you can setup the application to match your needs… See Features
• No more double entries: Integration between the features/modules is ready and “in-the-box”. Users are immediately able to work with the software, even without customisation.
• Upgrade at any time: The upgrades of new versions are integrated by design into the development process. So, you can upgrade Dolibarr at any time to the latest version, irrespective of which Dolibarr version you are using, and without losing any data. Thus, users always benefit from the latest features and innovations.
• A customisable and extensible application: The marketplace is open to everybody and serves as a central repository for hundreds of external add-ons which enhance Dolibarr for specific needs. You can also extend and enhance the features of your application by yourself, without any coding or development effort, by using the low-code Module Builder assistant. If the Module Builder does not offer all the customisation that you need, then you can take the route of custom development to achieve your business goals.

 A FOSS (Free Open Source Software) model

• A more competitive solution: Due to our Free Open Source Software model, several thousands of developers, testers, translators, and end users work on the Dolibarr project.That’s why Dolibarr is always at the forefront of innovation.
• The easiest ERP and CRM system in the market: The Open Source model allows developers and users to enhance the user interface due to the constant feedback and contributions of the Dolibarr user community. Everybody can contribute to enhance the Dolibarr application. This is an important factor that defines why Dolibarr became so user-friendly. See Community section

A multi-distribution model – On-premise or in the Cloud

• Install the Dolibarr application where ever you want: You can install and use Dolibarr as a local application or online on a dedicated/virtual machine. You can thus use Dolibarr from anywhere and on any device.
• Available on all platformson-premise or as a SaaS application: Dolibarr is available in various forms: From auto-installer packages that install Dolibarr and all prerequisites with no need of any technical knowledge, or from the standard distribution working on all Operating System platforms and PHP architectures (Windows, Mac, Linux). Dolibarr is also available as a SaaS applicationSee Cloud offers
• A rich ecosystem of partners: Because Dolibarr is Open Source software, you can rely on any Open Source company to assist you or to engage in custom development if you need it.


CRM & Sales

Prospects / Customers
Sale Orders
Contracts / Subscriptions
Help Desk / Tickets

Human Relationship Management (HR)

Expense Reports
Leave Requests

CMS, Website, POS

CMS / Website
Point Of Sale

Product & Stock

Products, Services
Purchase, Approvisionning

Finance & Billing

Billing & Payments
Bank reconciliation
Double entry accounting




Projects, Tasks

Integration, Development

Connectivity with external tools
Import, Export
Module Builder for developers
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Dolibarr - ERP & CRM for Small Company

৳ 9,500.00 / month with a 3-month free trial and a ৳ 25,000.00 sign-up fee

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